"Publishing 3.0 - Hong Kong Smart e-Book Hub" Promotion Scheme ("Publishing 3.0") is the application of cutting-edge technology, especially artificial intelligence, to help the transformation and upgrading of the publishing industry and create more possibilities for the industry.

This Scheme initiated by the Hong Kong Publishing Federation in collaboration with the "Logistics and Supply Chain Multi-Technology R&D Center" (LSCM), develops the "Hong Kong Smart e-Book Hub" and a one-and-a-half-year promotional campaign to build the "Hong Kong Smart e-Book Hub" brand, aiming to assist the industry in promoting high-quality smart e-books to both local and overseas markets, and generating sales and IP right licensing incomes.

Get registered on the Publishing3.0 Portal. 

Click the "Register" (Create an Account), follow the registration steps, complete the registration after receiving the confirmation email.

No cost required during a one-and-a-half-year promotional campaign period

Registered accounts can use the "e-Book Conversion Platform" for free to translate Chinese e-books into English e-books, and at the same time use "Text-to-Speech technology" to produce audio books in Cantonese, Putonghua and English from the text of e-books. In addition, registered accounts can join the "Hong Kong Smart e-Book Hub", including posting/uploading e-book information (book title, book cover, book summary, author introduction, etc.), e-book sample chapters and audiobook samples. If the e-books being selected, they will be displayed in "Hong Kong Smart e-Book Hub", which will promote locally and overseas together with "Publishing 3.0".

The Conversion Platform accepts indd (inDesign files), txt, doc. The Platform can also accept batch file processing, that is, uploading multiple books' info and files at the same time (see the "Batch Upload" for detailed procedure).

It takes about 1 min to translate 6000 Chinese characters into English and convert 1300 text into audio files.

We recommend publishers or authors to edit and proofread translated English documents before converting them into e-books.

100 titles


PDF for e-Books and MP3 for audio books