Pub 3.0 Participated in Asia's Premier Education Expo: "Learning and Teaching Expo 2023"

Pub 3.0 Participated in Asia's Premier Education Expo: "Learning and Teaching Expo 2023"

With the advancement of technology, e-reading has transformed reading habits of the general public and has become a major trend for the future, especially as students can take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of e-books, as well as the rich online resources that stimulate their interest in reading. In December, the "Publishing 3.0 - Hong Kong Smart eBook hub" hub ("Publishing 3.0") participated in the prestigious "Learning and Teaching Expo 2023," sharing the status of electronic reading in Hong Kong with scholars and the public, as well as the challenges and experiences faced by schools in promoting electronic reading.

Dr. Sharon Wong, the Executive Director of the Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society and Chairman of the "Publishing 3.0" Project Committee, shared some core principles of copyright and the application of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the publishing industry along with its benefits, which can make the publishing of e-books and audiobooks faster and more convenient, thus contributing to the industry's upgrading and transformation. She also shared how the "eBook Publishing Conversion Platform" of "Publishing 3.0" utilizes AI to translate Chinese books into English.

Professor Benny Zee, Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, also discussed the market demand for reading and learning, analysing the trend of scholars and university students to "listen to books." He believes that future reading trends need to overcome language barriers, and the "eBook Publishing Conversion Platform" of "Publishing 3.0" uses "text-to-speech translation technology" to translate e-books into Cantonese, Mandarin, and English audiobooks, which can bring more opportunities and development space to the publishing industry. He hopes that "Publishing 3.0" can be promoted to the academic community in the future, establishing cooperation with schools, teachers, and students to use AI to create school-based e-books and audiobooks for learning purposes.

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