2022 LSCM Summit to Showcase Publishing 3.0


2022 LSCM Summit to Showcase Publishing 3.0

Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre (LSCM), co-partner of Publishing 3.0 – Hong Kong Smart eBook Hub Scheme (Publishing 3.0) held its 2022 LSCM Logistics Summit on 30 September 2022 to showcase The latest technology in logistics and related industries, including the e-Book Publishing Conversion Platform of Publishing 3.0.

In the process of bilingual book publishing, manual translation always consumes plenty of time with relatively high cost. While adopting machine translation can cut the translation hours, in turn significantly reducing overall resources. Therefore, LSCM supports Hong Kong Publishing Federation in developing the "e-Book Publishing Conversion Platform", with the sponsoring of Create Hong Kong of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Publishing 3.0 aims to assist the publishing industry to adopt cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and productivity.

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