Treatment of Hypertension and TCM Conditioning


Treatment of Hypertension and TCM Conditioning

High blood pressure doesn't need treatment if there are no symptoms? The faster the blood pressure is lowered, the better? The only way to treat high blood pressure symptoms is to take medication?

There are many misunderstandings and neglect of hypertension among the public. If you are in a state of high blood pressure for a long time, the chances of suffering from stroke, myocardial infarction, kidney failure, and various hypertensive eye diseases will double. Complications such as diabetes, gout, hyperlipidemia, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases all affect each other with hypertension. This book describes the concepts, causes, and pathogenesis of hypertension and its common complications and comorbidities in Chinese and Western medicine, and provides Chinese and Western treatment and evidence-based nursing plans. It is supplemented by dietary therapy, exercise health, and emotional regulation, which helps patients with hypertension and those closely related to hypertension to achieve their blood pressure reduction goals, and also provides detailed understanding of the disease for Chinese medicine, Chinese and Western medicine combined medical and nursing staff, and helps patients.

Health and illness are both caused by habits. Hypertensive patients should start from the root, face the problem squarely, actively cultivate good living habits, and have the opportunity to rewrite the fate of lifelong medication.
Book Title Treatment of Hypertension and TCM Conditioning
Author Xu Daji
ISBN 9789620734571
Book Language Chinese
Publication Date 2021-11-11
Publisher The Commercial Press

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